Mihael Mamychshvili ha pubblicato nel gruppo United Shiatsu Therapists un decalogo per l’operatore shiatsu, cioè “10 Building Blocks For Success For Shiatsu Therapists”
Ve lo proponiamo senza traduzione.

Love What You Do – I love Shiatsu from the first moment I lay my eyes on the philosophy and especially when I went down on the mat and was touched by it. I do it, I breath it, I read it, I study it, I get it and I can’t stop talking about it to anyone who would listen.
Vision – Vision can be like a map, a destination at the end of a voyage. Create a vision on how you want your practice to be. Be very specific from the amount of money you want to make, to who you want to work with, how you want to work and where. Write it down, clip pictures and talk about it out loud.
Consistency – To me it’s not only being consistent in the treatment quality that you give, but also how you treat your clients and how you show up in life. People that come to see you in order to develop trust that you can help them, you must show them that you are consistent in everything you do.
Perserverance – Means : steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. One must have perserverance in life, if you don’t you will fail in anything not just in practicing Shiatsu. There bound to be tough times in life that is the reality, it’s what you do in that time that makes you keep going.
Ability to Learn – A student for life and of life and people. Never stop learning how to be a better therapist, how to promote your therapy and understanding human psychology. Learning from others is acquiring knowledge and wisdom of someone else’s and you still have your own wisdom to assimilate what you need.
Ability to Transform – Shiatsu for me has been transformational ever since I discovered it. We help people transform, we must also transform ourseleves and not be stagnated, or trapped in our comfort zones. We must grow as we are doing this work, shiatsu gives us tools to evolve on all levels, we must use the knowledge we aqcuire to grow.
Hard Work – To be a successful therapist one must know that it requires hard work, but without feeling like its hard work because we love what we do. But you must understand that anything in life to that you want to be good at it requires dedication and hard work.
Support System – Everyone needs help to succeed, no one does it on their own. From family to friends, to partners, teachers, guides, mentors, create a support system and ask for help there is no shame. It’s in our nature to try and help others but it is so hard for so many therapists to ask for help.
Think outside the box – There is so much competition out there, all kinds of therapists and therapies to compete with it can be intimidating. You must be creative and try to think outside the box. Specializing in treating certain conditions, working with a group of people like people with disablities, seniors, sports injuries, trauma, digestion, pregnancy etc. . Choose one and learn everything you can about that field and how Shiatsu can help.
Faith – You don’t have to believe in a God per say to have faith, but you do need to have it. Faith in God, in a power greater then you, in spirit guides what ever your believe system is have faith. Most importantly have faith in yourself and your ability to make someone’s quality of life better.
Yours Truely,

Mihael Mamychshvili RST
Owner Angel Hands Wellness
President Shiatsu therapy Association BC – Canada

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